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Zombie Over-Run

Developer: Storm Park

Due to the release of chemical THZ4 into the atmosphere, most of the human population has turned into Zombies.You are one of the few remaining survivors of the initial epidemic and must protect your city form the incoming zombies! Go along the main highway to kill as many zombies as possible by crashing into them with your car. If you don't kill a Zombie, it will attack the city and the World Health will decrease until there is nothing left.
Currently spotted on the highway are the 'Common Zombies' which have a Bounty of $20 each! But be sure to be on the look out for the rare ones.
Left / Right : Control you car movementKill Zombies by driving into themCrash and the game endsPick up Medipacks to increase you World Health
Start of with 0 points and 100 World Health pointsKill a Zombie = 20 points gained and $20 Bounty earnedMiss a Zombie = 10 world Health points lostPick a Medipack = 10 World Health points gained